Behind the Wheels

The HPVC team composes of UCI undergraduate engineers working under the American Society of Mechanical Engineers at UCI ([email protected]). We are a year-round senior design project participating in the annual Human Powered Vehicle Competition hosted by the national organization, American Society of Mechanical Engineers. The project starts Spring quarter and the competition in at the end Winter quarter. We welcome engineers from all backgrounds encouraging people who are driven to grow as engineers to gain crucial experience to move on to greater endeavors!

Purpose of the Power

We are looking to build an advanced human-powered, electric bike over the course of three quarters. During Fall quater, we are looking to construct a basic prototype of the vehicle and start manufacturing and constructing the life-size bike. Winter Quarter, we are going to finish building, test, modify and race our vehicle.

Two Peas in a Pod

A significant motivator for ASME and HPVC is to give lower-classmen the opportunity to gain senior design project experience. Those who can’t join the lower-classmen version of this project have the opportunity to join ASME and get some hands-on experience with this project! We strongly encourage everyone to get involved wherever they can no matter what their standing is. We also understand the excitement of senior design projects and hope to give those interested the experience necessary. Simultaneously, we give the ASME seniors the opportunity to lead a smaller scale project for a more intimate engineering experience that could lead to national recognition.

Sponsors Academic year 2022-2023

Henry Samueli School of Engineering at UC, Irvine [email protected]
David Copp [email protected]
American Society of Mechanical Engineers at UCI [email protected]
President, Anthony Chin [email protected]
Project Manager, Adrian Ornelas [email protected]

Team Mates Academic year 2022-2023

Anisha Jayasekara Dynamics [email protected]
Sophia Shannon Statics [email protected]
Daniel Jang Dynamics [email protected]
Darren Aguilar Statics [email protected]
David Lozano Dynamics [email protected]
Amanda Lieng Electronics [email protected]
Edmund Feng Statics [email protected]
Peter Tran Statics [email protected]
Kazi Hasan Statics [email protected]
Alejandro Plascencia Statics [email protected]
Phillip Choi Statics [email protected]
Christian Mason Electronics [email protected]
Christian Ortiz Statics [email protected]
Gabriel Sackinger Statics [email protected]
Aldo Khiev Dynamics [email protected]
Alex Ochoa Electronics [email protected]
Alexander de Santiago Dynamics [email protected]
Daniel Stoll Dynamics [email protected]
Crew Parker Project Management [email protected]
Kaitlyn Nguyen Dynamics [email protected]