Meet Our Subteams!

HPVC is a Senior Design Project offered at UCI and supported by [email protected] The goal of HPVC is to encourage innovation among undergraduate researchers by offering a national competition at ASME’s EFests. Our team is made possible by our hardworking members in our three major subteams! Come meet our Dynamics, Statics, and Electrical teams!


The dynamics subteam is focused on the moving parts of the human powered vehicle, that is, transferring human motion into vehicle motion. We will also be covering steering and brakes. Our goal is to make the fastest, most efficient vehicle possible. By doing so, we will all gain experience for future engineering endeavors!


The Statics subteam is dedicated to the structural integrity of the vehicle and as such consists of Chassis (frame), Aerodynamics (decrease drag), and Rollover Prevention System (RPS). Our Goals are:

  • Safety #1
  • Low Center of Gravity
  • Lightweight

Come on down!


The electrical subteam is in charge of powering and controlling the vehicle using motors, microcontrollers, sensors, and a Printed Circuit Board (PCB).

  • Circuit Design in KiCad
  • Circuit Simulations in LTSpice
  • Prototype and Debug circuits
  • Make a PCB from scratch!

Summertime Engineering 🌤️

We will soon begin the process of starting up Human Powered Vehicle over the Summer in order to hit the ground running this upcoming Fall Quarter!

For our first summer general meeting we will touch base and establish more firm subteams and also some of the big ideas we going to be implementing for this upcoming school year! (Additionally, the first general meeting is for all of the projects we are hosting as it is more informational than technical, and will be posted on this webpage soon) Here’s hoping to put [email protected] nationally recognized for our projects!