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  • Human Powered Vehicle Competition

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    The dynamics subteam is focused on the moving parts of the human powered vehicle, that is, transferring human motion into vehicle motion. We will also be covering steering and brakes. Our goal is to make the fastest, most efficient vehicle possible. By doing so, we will all gain experience for future engineering endeavors!


    The Statics subteam is dedicated to the structural integrity of the vehicle and as such consists of Chassis (frame), Aerodynamics (decrease drag), and Rollover Prevention System (RPS). Our Goals are:

    • Safety #1
    • Low Center of Gravity
    • Lightweight


    The electrical subteam is in charge of powering and controlling the vehicle using motors, microcontrollers, sensors, and a Printed Circuit Board (PCB).

    • Circuit Design in KiCad
    • Circuit Simulations in LTSpice
    • Prototype and Debug circuits
    • Make a PCB from scratch!

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